Friday, May 15, 2009

The Third Drucker

Peter Drucker is acclaimed the Father of Modern Management. It is also known that he didn't like to be called a consultant, although much of his career was consist of giving advice to corporations. Instead, he saw himself as a social ecologist.

Yet, as this Concept Map seeks to demonstrated, deep in Drucker's heart, the results that he truly valued for his life were those of a mentor, that is, how he made an impact on the life of others....

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  1. These are also words from ‘the Third Drucker’ : “… management is ministry for helping people” ; "…making the strengths of our people effective and their weaknesses irrelevant."

    Relevant to this is how he managed himself. Drucker lived as a Free Agent , making an abundant life while making a living –-without running a big organization, he matched his passion with personal talents and self management and had good rest and reflection. He was also a good Action Learner—habitually asking critical questions, advocating actions on knowledge acquired, reflecting on experiences for future planning, and most importantly, practicing life-long learning.