Friday, July 31, 2009

From Web meets World to Web is World

  1. 管理學大師Peter Drucker比較工業革命資訊革命異同的觀察:
  2. 一年一度在美國舉行的Web 2.0 Summit今年十月進入第六屆,去年的主題是"Web meets World",今年的主題將會是"Web Squared"。按主辦者Tim O'reilly解釋Web 2.0 is all about harnessing collective intelligence。隨著Web 2.0的科技發展,環球智能透過網絡互動,逐漸形成Collective Mind-- "Increasingly, the Web is the world.... Web Squared is our way of exploring this phenomenon and giving it a name." (italics mine)
  3. 有聽過Social Computing嗎? 一篇以"The shift to Social Computing"爲題的文章,把Social Computing視為Web 2.0的延伸,文章從Web 2.0與Social Computing的關係,了解Social Computing 是甚麼:若Web 2.0 是覆蓋國家的公路網,Social Computing的功用,便是開發這公路網帶來的商機,譬如:旅遊,商貿,能源需求,衛星城市發展.... 等等。 Social Computing帶來了甚麼特別的轉變?The following are identified in the article as the generally accepted basic tenets of SC:
    • Innovation is moving from a top-down to bottom-up model
    • Value is shifting from ownership to experiences
    • Power is moving from institutions to communities
    附上導想圖/Concept Map,把上述三組資訊的背景資料從以下角度扼要列出,藉以爲未來企業環境勾劃出一個輪廓:
    1. 歴史角度
    2. Web 2.0的發展理念
    3. Social Computing: Web 2.0的具體表現

    view background materials in Concept Map

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