Monday, June 15, 2009

New New Economy: small guys win!!

Vertical Integration 蛻變到 Virtual Integration 爲主導的企業新世代,終於來臨了!不僅是在個別的企業中發生,更是藉互聯網動力全球性地在業界中出現.... 正如早在上世紀八十年代末,美國麻省理工學院 (MIT) 教授 Tom Malone 所預言:互聯網將導致大企業分散重組--decentralize and externalize ,構成新的企業生態。

理由嗎?十分簡單:典型的二十世紀大企業的優勢,是整合經營,務求「肥水不流別人田」,把交易成本 (transaction costs) 減至最低。今天,透過環球分散式的資訊網絡聯繫,互聯網成了「工作平台」,複雜的工序在其上得以「拆細重組」,讓任何個別工作者都可以參與競爭,不單打破了地域的限制,更打開無限創新空間,使經營效益大大提高。就如 The World is Flat 一書的作者 Thomas Friedman 在這段短片所描述的。


危機過後,隨之而來的廿一世紀經濟,將會是個甚麼樣子?最新一期的權威 I T 科技雜誌 Wired Magazine, 刊登了四篇有關文章
  • The next new economy, the one rising from the ashes of this latest meltdown, will favor the small!
  • The rise of cloud computing means that young firms no longer have to buy their own IT equipment, which helps them avoid having to raise money or take on debt.
  • Likewise, the webification of the supply chain in many industries, from electronics to apparel, means that even the tiniest companies can now order globally, just like the giants.
現謹選錄各篇文章部分片段,在 Concept Map 中列出供讀者參考。

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  1. Environmental changes today are very rapid and complex--environmental dimensions (economic, social, political, technological, etc) make impacts on each other as they influence an society, then a sector/region/organization, and then an individual’s work and private life. A person cannot understand and monitor closely ALL these changes. What he/she can do is to make wise choices everyday—selective understanding, monitoring changes relevant to his/her work and responding to them in his/her career planning.